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DVD regions suck

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Often times on the US Amazon site people are selling different region DVDs but you should always read about "non-amazon, private seller" items anyways...
im not in the mood for a B***h fight :D.. usually I win
Why not? I love a good b***h-fight... Wink
Haha handbags at dawn.
they dont when youre around obviously
They don't.
Hey Nic, I thought no one ever read or posted in the General Chat forum?
I thought it was Mwahahahahahahaha O.o okie :D
I thought that was Muh hahahahaha

That is all.
gracias Cervantes.... I love forum boards.. :D  I usually have a lot to talk about.. but.. if I dont sell my HP UK version DVD I got a plan.. ill keep it for the extras and watch it on my comp.. but ill get the one disk version to use on my home players.. :D I guess the one disk version comes with toys too :D LOL
I have no idea what you mean... Wink

Welcome aboard surgerygurl.
Cervantes wrote: Oh my Lord...does this mean we have TWO girls on this site now?... Happy

We have quite a lot of girls on the site, but most of them don't post. Can't imagine why Wink
maybe I will just buy a multi region player.. although I wouldnt know the first thing about them Sad..... oh well ill shop around...hmmm where did your sis get hers?

Actually my DVD player in my bedroom might be multi-region.. doubt it.. but its worth a try :D Ill let you know

Nope.. didnt work Sad
Hmmmmm, I guess what you did was ordered it from your UK account. My sister does that all the time as she dosn't like to wait on things and if the UK is getting something first, she will order from Amazon UK. She has a multiregion player so she is covered even if she does mistakenly get a region other than 1.
Nope.. I have an account through amazon and amazon UK.. I thought I would be cool by getting the Order of the Phoenix DVD earlier than everyone else in the USA.. but now Im going to be paying twice as much to get one I can actually watch. And yes.. I am a girl... and  like british guys so maybe the solution to my problem is to just move to London like I want to. Tongue
Oh my Lord...does this mean we have TWO girls on this site now?... Happy

And yes, the concept of DVD 'regions' does indeed suck...
Yeah, it seems the only purpose is to justify creating various versions of the DVD causing folks to buy multiple copies (if they have multi-region players) so they get all the goodies.

BTW, I thought that on Amazon you had to be logged on the specific region version of Amazon (such as Amazon UK) to get anything other than region 1?
supposedly to have control over the DVD market.. but its c**p.. I mean on Amazon it has all the DVD info but how many people actually look at the "regions".. I knew nothing about checking on that.. I just look at Widescreen or fullscreen.. Im just really PO'd about it cause I cant send the DVD back and I cant sell it on the website.. my other option is to Ebay it but I wont get anywhere near what I paid for it. Sad
Here is ANOTHER question (btw, again, thanks for the explaination in the other thread Chris). Why are there different regions in the first place?
DVD regions suck
I bought the new Harry Potter DVD Off of Amazon UK and when I got it.. I went to watch it and it said I couldn't because it wasnt viewable in my region. I knew nothing about "regions". Well I can't return it or sell it on Amazon UK.. Are there any multi-region codes for a panasonic RV31  DVD player? If not.. is there anyone out there in the UK who wants to buy Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 2 disk special edition? I bought it for $34.99 I will sell it for $25. not sure what that is in pounds. :D