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Well I guess they had to sell those JarJar issues somehow LOL!

I'm surprised that they haven't ended up  on EBay.
Gunsprout Empire are/were doing a special gold Jar Jar cover like the five golden tickets in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory were if you were/are lucky to find one there were 10 distributed around the UK you would recieve with proof of purchase to the Empire staff special and "unique" goodies from Lucas Film! I started this thread originally because I wanted to know if any of us on the forum were lucky enough to find one and what the items from Lucas Film consisted of! I started searching around all the newsagents locally to me in London but then calculated how many newsagents+WHSmith's, borders etc there are in the UK and then thought what if they sent them to places like Eire as well! So I GAVE UP!
No worries Gunsprout. :-) Damn I can't stop buying those blasted Empire magazines lol. And darph raph,u go for it mate!
Glad you saw the funny side of my comment Moldovia. It was only intended as a friendly ribbing and I'm glad that it was taken as such.

I also have the collectors bug and have had to learn to live with and to a certain degree resist it so fully understand.

Now I'm off to spend my meagre funds on beer... Happy

Oh yeah, what was the special thing about the Jar Jar issue anyway?
Well done Moldovia, like me you understand the nature of collecting memorabilia etc. I also wish I had done the same as you but my dvd/cd/book collections come first! Plus I sense a disturbance in the force that I will need my cash for Celebration Europe!
Gunsprout wrote: Wish I had that much more money than sense...

lol I agree but I don't drink or smoke and don't do anything extravagant in life. I know u mean well Gunsprout but would u like to change places with me and have my uncontrolable epilepsy and poor eyesight bud? No offence intended. ;-)
Wish I had that much more money than sense...
I bought all 30 covers but have yet to open the box in which they arrived today.
LOL! You are right Chris! I should act my age and not my shoe size! The "exclusive" merchandise is probably nothing special any way! Besides the newsagents arent stupid! The minute they saw this cover they would keep it for them selves any way!
If I did I would burn it. Jar Jar FFS.
Empire Star Wars Covers.
Is any one a sad git like me and going to every random newsagents looking for the golden Jar Jar cover of the July issue of Empire with the 30 different covers? Is anyone going to buy all 30 covers? If anyone is lucky enough in the UK to find one I would be very interested to know what the "exclusive" Lucasfilm merchandise Empire are giving away with proof you have one of the 10 golden cover July issue that have been randomly supplied to newsagents around Britain and Ireland! I think I am going to give up on my search as it is futile!Would be very interested to know if anyone found one.