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Fall TV 2008 - What are you watching?

Forums - General Chat - Fall TV 2008 - What are you watching? 


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Existing Posts
-Grey's Anatomy
-Desperate Housewives
-Samantha Who
-True Blood
-Ugly Betty
-Pushing Daisies
-30 Rock
-The Office
-Kath & Kim.

Oh, TiVo, how I love thee.
Worst Nightmare wrote: Chris Gould wrote: Fall? Is that like Autumn?And to think Mark is a fellow Aussie.....
Autumn Mark - please! we don't want to reduce our selves to the American level Wink

American's should have the courage to go all the way with this guff. If they can call Autumn Fall (cos of the leaves falling geddit) then they should go ahead and call:-

Winter - Man that's Cold
Spring - New stuff growing an s**t
Summer - Hotter
I will continue to watch the Office, Heroes, and Pushing Daisies. I am just now getting into House and Chuck. I'll probably end up renting those from the beginning. Not a lot of interesting new stuff.
In the U.S. they call it FALL TV!! I have to say that because I download shows from there and many of them ARE NOT even going to be on our TV till 2009.

So far so good. Love the new sci-fi show "Fringe". Watching Episode 2 now. Also watching new "House, MD" Season 5. Terminator - Sarah Connor Chronicles looks good too. But my fave is "Flashpoint" of the new shows.

Less than one week to new "Heroes". Woo-hoo!!
Chris Gould wrote: Fall? Is that like Autumn?And to think Mark is a fellow Aussie.....
Autumn Mark - please! we don't want to reduce our selves to the American level Wink
The only things on TV I watch are:

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations(Travel Channel) Nice ad tooWink
History Channel

I will probably check out Fringe because it is a JJ Abrams series.

That is about it. Don't really watch a lot of TV.
Not interested in any of the new shows so far...

I'll be watching How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, I guess Two and a Half Men (it's gotten bad lately (waits for comment about how it was never good to begin with)) and The Office and 30 Rock. If Scrubs is coming back before January, then that. And The Simpsons and Family Guy. Both aren't as great as they were (moreso in the case of The Simpsons, it's been what? 10 years? And again, waiting for that comment about either one of them)

Is it just me, or has TV gotten progressively worse these past few years? There's so few scripted shows, more and more game/reality shows... Yeah ok, you got your HBO and Showtime stuff, but by the time that comes around on non-fancy TV, it's already passé.

That all being said, it seems I'll be watching stuff like Robot Chicken, re-runs of Star Trek, the movie network we have here and DVDs more than any of the new stuff.
Fall? Is that like Autumn?
Fall TV 2008 - What are you watching?
Just like to know what shows people here are looking forward to returning to TV with a brand new season, or anything new??

Here's what I'm going to see....

* Grey's Anatomy - Season 5
* Ugly Betty - Season 3
* Desperate Housewives - Season 5
* Brothers and Sisters - Season 3
* Private Practice - Season 2
* Heroes - Season 3
* Chuck - Season 2
* Samantha Who? - Season 2
* House, M.D. - Season 5
* Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles - Season 2

* Knight Rider
* Fringe (I have seen the pre-air pilot, excellent!!)
* Flashpoint (am watching now)
* The Eleventh Hour
* The Ex List