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Football World Cup GERMANY 2006 !!!!!

Forums - General Chat - Football World Cup GERMANY 2006 !!!!! 


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Fingers crossed for Ecuador this Sunday. Wink

It's been a great tournament so far. Most impressed with Argentina's efforts. We'll see if they continue like that...
Not interested in Football one bit and for one reason. The MOB that follows it. I'm not talking about all the football fans here who would object to that description (although even some of those would need to take a close look at themselves come match time) I'm talking about the grunting hoards that fill football grounds and pubs on Saturdays and when 'Whatever' Cup Winners Cup Cup is taking place this week is on.

I think the most ugly and repellent thing to watch is the transformation Sun Reading Disciples of Murdoch go through to impress on each other how moronic they can be in their impersonations of loud violent sheep when a match is on. Wherever that mob is deploying itself, you'll find me running in the opposite direction.

My second reason (yes I know I said there was one) is the influence they think they have on the game and the belief that when the post match analysis comes, they know (after the fact of course) how they'd have done it differently, while remaining in the comfort of there armchairs, pint glasses, and beer guts.

I might have more time for football if (at the national level) the teams were made up of players representative of the place that the team is actually based. Not the sum total of a large cheque written by Management (off the back of over priced 'replica' football shirts) for better kickers of a ball from half way round the world. That plan being so obviously outrageous then rename the teams with names not associated with a geographical location. 'Ball Kickers United' for example or 'Dribblers'.

Speaking of shirts (and shoe horning sponsorships into the mix fo just a second) do fans actually realise they are being taken for complete mugs on this issue? I'm not talking about the extortionate pricing of these shirts, I'm talking about fans paying over the odds to wear corporate logos. That's right. You've got it. People who buy replica shirts are paying their hard earned to help already massively profitable companies advertise themselves. These companies pay millions for air time on TV and radio and billboard space to promote themselves yet somehow they've got the shirt wearers to not only do it for free for them but they've got the fans to actually pay them for doing it. How screwed up is that. Your torso is effectively free ad space for Nike, Sharp or Vodafone etc. They should be paying you to walk around in their gear not the other way around.

And finally, (and I'm not labouring under the delusion that this or any of the above is new news) how is it exactly, that you'd like to spell the name of the country you currently infest. Is it E N G L A N D (where I live) or I N G A L A N D (which, I'm assuming only exists in alcohol addled football fan heads where everyday is Saturday, The Sun is mainlined directly into your neanderthal head and Rupert Murdoch is King)?

Have a lovely World Cup people. I do hope England win (and the correct spelling of INGERLAND is engraved on the on the cup as a deliberate typo) not just for the glory of winning and national pride of course (Isn't pride a sin? I'm sure I read that somewhere), but purely just to shut you all the hell up about '66. On second thoughts no. You'd be even more annoying if that happened and we'd still never here the end of it.

If Australia get their act together, they may give Brazil a bit of a scare, but I think it may be at least 2-0 in Brazils favour......
Here's hoping for an upset? Happy
Check this out. I'm also a member of an Australian discussion forum discussing mainly TV shows, news, movies, Sport, etc. Anyway, this guy made a really good prediction for the Australian team when the selections were drawn out on who plays who, and he has been right so far!!

Green Day wrote:
My Predictions for Australia

Japan vs Australia: 1-3

i believe that with Guus Hiddink, we have what it takes to beat Japan, Japan only got through, because of their home crowd support.

Australia vs. Brazil: 1-1 or 1-0

It will be a close game, we have what it takes to beat brazil, and hopefully there will be a omen against them because of what happened to france in 2002.

Croatia vs Australia: 0-2

We will win, croatia are all talk.

we will either get first or second in the group, all teams are beatable.

Hiddink helped us qualify in 5 months, he has 6 more months and more games to help us improve and be a better side.

Hi Adam, how are you?

Great job from the Aussies in the last eight minutes!! YEAH!
Australia just beat Japan 3 to 1!!!

Woo Hoo! Happy
Well, that was one hell of a comeback from the Aussies! Japan probably a little unlucky though - should have had a penalty near the end.
Australia plays with Japan tonight. Go the Aussies!!!
I support Ireland because i'm half Irish and I sipport Sunderland by the way
Aye, bloody stupid. Mostly drive by a 'we hate England' stance from what I can see.
hehe that's like saying Sunderland supporters should support Newcastle, or Celtic supporters should support Rangers at an international game, but with more history...
But you're not Dutch. You have nothing invested in the Dutch team. Or is it the 'f**k England' sentiment that drives you?
because I really like Holland
Why are you supporting another team because yours didn't qualify? That's just stupid. That'd be like me supporting Scotland in the rugby if England didn't make it...
Fu*K England, i'm supporting HOLLAND because...
A. I hate 90% of the England players.
B.Repubic Of Ireland didn't qualife
C.Holland rules
You don't count, you're American. It's only the fake, bandwagon jumping 'come on England' c**p that is annoying me.
Chris wrote: If I hear 'Come on England' one more time I'm going to go postal.Come on, England!!!

scottmck wrote: Gabe Powers wrote: I just got an email from my poor mother who is trapped in Germany.

Tell the lucky lady that I'll swap places with her Wink

Yeah, she couldn't care less about football. She's suppose to come to the cities to visit me this weekend, but isn't sure she'll be able too. She says the airport is a mess. I think she's being a little dramatic, but we'll see. Haven't seen her since Thanksgiving.
If I hear 'Come on England' one more time I'm going to go postal.
Gabe Powers wrote: I just got an email from my poor mother who is trapped in Germany.

Tell the lucky lady that I'll swap places with her Wink
I just got an email from my poor mother who is trapped in Germany.
I'll be watching pretty much every game if possible! Cheering on the mighty England of course Wink Take it you're a Poland supporter £ukasz D? We were lucky enough to have Rasiak play for us (Tottenham) Wink
Wrong forum, moving...
Football World Cup GERMANY 2006 !!!!!
Hey's only 2 days to FIFA WORLD CUP 2006....

so..will you watch it.....who do you cheer for ?????? who do you think will win WC ?????