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HELIOS H4000 (2000) vs. OPPO DV-980H

Forums - General Chat - HELIOS H4000 (2000) vs. OPPO DV-980H 


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Nic Mall wrote: 2 - 15 years?
I was being sarcastic, pretty much implying that it could happen at any point, not necessarily any time soon though...

Sarcasm is hard to portray over the internet you know...
2 - 15 years?

Which one would you suggest?

I own mostly region 1 DVDs although I plan on getting some media from other regions as well...

I currently use a SD 32" CRT although I "might" possibly within the next 2-15 years upgrade.

Which one is a better "bang-for-the-buck"?

for that matter is there another DVD player that is region free that you guys would highly recommend?

My budget is ~$200.

The OPPO might be a bit overkill for my needs, but at the same time it has some nice features and ensures good quality playback on my inevitable HD upgrade in the future...

I know that a lot of regular DVD players have region free codes as well, any recommendations of regularly available DVD players that I could pick up at Walmart, Target, Circuit City, Radio Shack, etc?

The OPPO is starting too look better and better, anything as good around the $100 mark at all?

Heard good reviews about the Pioneer DV-400V-K too..
Has USB input as well...
Apparently this one is modified, I have no way of believing them though...
I'd be getting it from here:
Amazon has the regular version for $89.99, is there any way to tell if they are ripping me off or if they actually did modify the unit?


Apparently they did modify it:

Would you guys recommend that unit?