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Is the site down?

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True - comments are almost like gossip really...sort of...
Ta for the quick responce Happy
My idea was trying to get requests processed as quickly as possible by reducing the length of the requests. I was testing to see if enough people were simply reading the articles and had no interest in viewing the comments - so wouldn't need to click to the next page.

It didn't work though, I think people like comments. Wink
Mal, not being as html savvy as I should be, how would the page with 20 comments reduce the load on the server compared to a page with 30 comments? I can understand it if the page has less than 20 but if an item has attracted say 50 comments, a user would load that page 3 times within 2 minutes, rather than 2 times if the page has a 30 comment limit. As the page is now loaded only twice (including backgrounds, etc) would this take less bandwidth or does the users computer cache help out here?

Just interested, 'tis all Happy
It's back to 30. Happy
Thanks Mal - cheers.
One of the reasons for doing it is to attempt to reduce load on the server by decreasing the size of pages, although I may switch it back to 30 if I decide it hasn't helped.
One quick question Mal - how come the site has reverted back to 20 comments per page? I found with 30 comments per page it was easier to navigate the site...
Just doing tests whilst the site is quiet.

I assume it's working again for you?
Is the site down?
Hello guys,

what is going on with this site?
This is weird. But at least it is partly operational.