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New here...need help naming a song...can't figure it out!

Forums - General Chat - New here...need help naming a song...can't figure it out! 


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Quote: Originally posted by Marv .
AAHH, i'am stumped.

Check my post above. It's probably by an industries only group such as Immediate Music.
AAHH, i'am stumped.

its not off any of the aliens movies. Its a peice of classical music, your best checking google.
i'll check the alien 3 trailers on the quad set now. I got the aliens and alien 3 soundtrack. It's probaly off alien 3 since thats the soundtrack that has choir music. Some of the alien 3 trailers/t.v spots used "track 17 - Bishops countdown".

I'll go check now.
Yes, the original trailer contained Horner's music; his Aliens soundtrack used to be one of the most used for film trailers.
Thanks a lot!
If I recall, a lot of the music from the Alien 3 trailer was from the James Horner score to Aliens, or from Immediate Music, who are a hollywood music studio specifically geared toward marketing with their stuff not available.
New here...need help naming a song...can't figure it out!
Hi all.
I just found this forum via google...I was hoping someone would know the answer to this question:

What is the name of the song playing in the Alien3 trailer? It's sung by a choir and is loud and powerful...starts off sort of quiet and slow and then just booms. It's awesome.

This isn't the only movie/trailer it's been's been on a lot of things actually.

I'd appreciate the answer or any guesses Happy