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oh SNAP! I havnt bought a hockey game since NHL 2002. I did just trade for NHL2k2 for dreamcast to help finish my collection.
Pah, Pro Evolution Soccer rules them all Wink
Quote: Originally posted by Matt Joseph
The only real '06 sports game is Madden. What did they base the 06 NHL games' rosters on anyways? Wink

The upcoming season Very Happy They usually wait until the week before release to finalize them, then there's always internet updating they so wonderfully provide.

Madden is good too, but in canada(especially after a year) hockey rules. I'm watching the first Leafs pre-game set tonight....woo hoo.
Madden is probably the best sport game
The only real '06 sports game is Madden. What did they base the 06 NHL games' rosters on anyways? Wink
I've been too busy playing Burnout Revenge and  Evil Dead Regeneration.
Not even close, 2K6 has a better control system and I like their on ice functions way better for sim hockey.

NHL has a better presentation and micro-management options but it's too arcadey on the ice to be challenging. Even with the sim options turned up I get scores of 11 - 8 or 23 - 15.
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NHL Video Game
I just rented (Blockbuster) EA sports NHL 06 and Sega 2K6 for the Xbox verdict: EA is better!




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