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Oh man!

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Don't have one of them either.
Yeah, I don't think anyone has milkmen anymore. It was just funnier than the paperboy.....or was it...hmmm...
Worried or intrigued? Wink
We don't even have milkmen any more. Actually I'm a bit worried about this lass she hangs around with at work...
Happy Made my dayshift Gabe!
I'm probably the only one here who felt that his timely choice of putting a picture of "If..." in his signature, literally hours after there was a shooting at my school was just in bad taste. I realise not everyone would have heard of it (especially overseas), but that's what bothered me the most about a month and a half ago... Plus his extremely ignorant comments on "WTC". And then he brought Autism into it...

I actually didn't find it that funny, just pathetic. Like, the whole Donnie_Darko banning was funny, but this... Damn...

Sorry, didn't mean to rant like that, or to possibly turning this into the "B***h about Schultz" thread. Not my intention at all.
You know Chris, I think what Gabe said... well, I'd shake his hand because that was just badass Tongue Wink
Worst Nightmare wrote: what would the wife think Chris Wink

Yum, probably, hence the reason I married her Wink

Gabe, you're banned Tongue
She'd think, "Thank God, now I can do the milkman with a clear conscience"

what would the wife think Chris Wink
Gawd... it's becoming another one of those threads. Tongue
Who said I didn't?
And I thought you loved me *sniff*
Oh ok. Pretty boring really.
That R6 Da vinci thread kinda read like me calling you a chav (which you are) and him getting banned for finding it "badass"
He was originally banned ages ago when he joined under the name Ian Schultz and insulted a load of people with his first round of posts. He then re-registered using a number of aliases, the latest of which was 'Mrbadass'. He caused nothing but problems in the majority of threads he posted in, and I have received numerous complaints about him (with several requests to ban him). I warned him several times and in the end decided to leave it up to the other forum users. That's about it really.
Oh man!
I can't believe I missed the whole badass banning saga!
Slightly confused about the whole thing, but pure comedy gold none the less.