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I don't get into FPS games either, so I wouldn't play this or Halo.  I got friends who create their own levels and play the game for hours, but I couldn't fathom that.  I need a game like GTA or FF to get me involved.
This game looked fairly interesting. A friend planned on getting it, but he was having problems with his console and ended up exchanging it. Still look forward to trying it.
i just finished the game like 2 hours ago and it was worth spending my time on.  I also played my first game of multiplayer and even though its laggy its suprisingly fun.
I had a go on the demo and really didn't think much of it. Probably cuzz I dont think FPS' work on consoles though! Didn't think the graphics were all that either - very lowres textures etc
I always call Perfect Dark Zero, "Dark Force Zero", still do to this day. Mike always has to correct me...
Prey for XBox 360
Many people are saying prey is the next halo. this comparison has been made to many games such as perfect dark zero, and has failed to fufil its promise. I bought the game last night and first off I noticed the game was notably short. That fact aside I played on and began to love the game. The breathtaking visuals and the in depth story and matching characters had me hooked. I played the game for about 4 hours and ended up bein on chapter 11 of 22. The best part of this game is controlable gravity. you can walk on certain pathways the go everywhich way and you stick to them. the guns and the enemies are very cool too. of course everyone has seen aliens in game but this game  make them more deformed, much like quake 4. getting back to the subject of halo this game is great but should be considered in a different category than halo. it is kind of like the quake atmosphere (which is more action liike than suspenseful) and doom morphed together. There is one scary element of the game thought. There are possessed children tht are much like ghosts that you must battle and the sound of their laugh is kind of scary. They also sing nursery rhymes while you fighting them. These are all pretty unique features but the most unique of all is the abailty to spirit walk. This is when you leave your body and either fight or go through obstacles that a human couldn't. I haven't gotten a chance to play the multiplayer part of the game but from what I hear it is amazing. all-in-all I would give this game a 9.3 out of 10. I love the game and it is definately worth the 60 bucks (unless your playing on a PC then ots only 50). There is also a special edition game w/ some bonus content and two figurines and also and art book. go out and buy this game. If  you don't believe my review go download the game's demo on xbox live.