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Questioning whether or not I'm crazy, again...

Forums - General Chat - Questioning whether or not I'm crazy, again... 


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Yeah, I knew that that wasn't the case. I chalked it up to a glitch too, and was just wondering then in case it was going to be a continuing problem. Oh well, that's that then. Thanks.
I didn't delete s**t. Probably down to the dodgy... er I mean fantastic coding Wink
i believe i too was too...rough in my attempt to pry answers from you, for a question you didnt even know, well, all is good now, ive sent a link of this site to the Forum i had posted it on originally to disband an rumor that i had caused about this site and its members....
Who says I don't? Wink

It's all good, I apologise if my tone was rude. Or rather, I was being rather rude, so I apologise to you good sir.
oh ok, this has just been a HUGE misunderstanding, i actually thought you knew something about 1-18-08 that hadnt been released, lol, srry about
why they took your thread down when it was just a regular 'Theories' type thread? is that it?
That was written in reply to the first two replies I received, where, as you can see, the thread was not taken seriously. I meant I shouldn't have mentioned what it was about so that I could get a straight answer, and avoid crazy answers (however funny they may be). It's really just a direct question to the administrators, which has yet to be answered.
Cheddar J. Cheese wrote: Ummm... Alright, guess I shouldn't have mentioned what it was about then.

and how was i supposed to know thats all you posted?

listen, all im really saying, is that if you know something, let others know, if not, then ok....
Except that your answer is, for lack of a better word, bulls**t.

What I wrote was "What did you all think of the trailer?" Does Paramount have admins delete threads that say that? No, and why not? Because word of mouth marketing is free and easy.

Besides, I seriously doubt the administrators here would delete a thread like that, and if they did, they'd be frank about it. And in any case, there's one going on now in the Movies/DVD forum. Maybe Paramount will get someone to delete that one too... Rolling Eyes
and i answered that question, Paramount didnt like what you said so they had someone delete it, it doesnt get simpler than that...
Jesus Christ... It's a bloody technical question! Not a government conspiracy...

Chris? Matt? Tom? Do any of you have an answer? Kinda what I was hinting at all along without trying to be a bother.
isnt it obvious? you said some things that you werent supposed to say, a.k.a. info 1-18-08 info, So somebody who knows that they dont want that info out, told an Admin, and the Admin completly deleted the thread, there are other cool forums though, like   -contact
...So again...

NO ONE can tell me what happened to it? It was there, I saw it, then it disappeared. I don't even care about the thread itself, I'm just wondering what happened to it.

While the jokes are funny (conspiracy theories, etc.), I would appreciate a serious answer from someone who would know. All the info is above.
lol, i meant anything we DIDN'T already know....Tongue

wow you caused a lot of chatter on the forums lol
*ghostly voice*
willing to share any info?
Ummm... Alright, guess I shouldn't have mentioned what it was about then.

Just wondering what (if anything) had happened to a thread I made.
It may end up a MONSTROUS waste of your time... Wink
Rule #1. YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT 1-18-08.

unless paramount say so.
Questioning whether or not I'm crazy, again...
I made a new thread at 00:57 in the Discs & Movies forum, entitled 1-18-08. But when I came back to see if anyone responded, it appears to have ceased to exist.

Did I imagine making the posting, or did something happen and it got deleted (or never got through or whatever)?