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I was at work at the time and although we had cable TV there I was too busy to watch it (damn upgrades that went horribly wrong!). But as they say the better team did win on the day - even when both teams were playing poorly. I do remember one of the Aussie journo's stating that it was a very sloppy game and he would not have known he was watching a world cup final if he wasn't commentating on it - if you know what I mean...
Oh well, we only now have to wait another 4 years....
Yeah, Matfield basically won the game for them (with a bit of help from three needless penalties by our boys). It's criminal that Cueto didn't finish more decisively from that distance though. The 'Boks didn't play well, but they played just a little bit better than us. Could have gone either way really, but it was a boring game. The last three WC finals have been much better. Odd really, as it was the most exciting tournament yet up until the final.
Chris, sorry about the delay in replying and not rubbing it in that those funny South Afrikans beat ya!!!!!
I've been very sick and then had an issue with the internet, office changing locations, etc...
When the Aussies came back "with their tails behind them" (or is that tales - a girl here, a pub fight there) there was surprisingly not alot of media coverage. There was the usual "The coach must go", Grandpa Greagan should have been left as captian (as if that would have really helped), Lote should actually stay with the team and not go out till 4 in the morning and get almost involved with a punch up.
(If you want racist, I assume you have been editing "The Wiz" news recently???)
I must admit that they do tend to attack the other team for winning here, saying "We was robbed" instead of admitting the better team won on the day. The press over here is quite conservative but there is the odd paper that takes it further - but not as bad as your Sun newspaper - from what I can see.

What I will say then is that quite simply the better team won and congratulations - although South Africa did still beat you Wink
Hehe, sportsmanship - that's a good one. Chief executive of your union slates the English, going as far as to say that all Aussies hate us (note, us as a nation, racist b*****d), then Campese spouts his usual c**p and Lote Tuqiri chimes in with some daft comments. Let's not forget the accusations of dirty play either. What happens on the day? The Wallabies concede more penalties while getting stuffed off of the park by our front five Happy Not ordinarily one to gloat, but a lot of your journalists, players and senior ARU officials are thoroughly deserving of it.
You know - I could take offence to this but as usual, the Aussies showed their true sportsmanship by letting you lot win....
RWC 2007
I'd just like to say a big bwahahahahahaha to all the Aussies and Kiwis out there. Their arrogant 'turn up and win' attitude cost them dear. Four more years, eh boys? Wink