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When are we getting the PMs? Or do we have them and I don't know about them?
No no no, I'll take what I can get, signatures are way better. Thanks for the response.
Selectable skins will appear in the future. I don't like seeing too many member images on pages, so if we ever added avatars then I would phase out signatures...
Director7 wrote: Than why do people buy new cell phones, or have AOL 9.0?
Yes...why do people have AOL 9.0 indeed...
Half the things people own or use aren't broke but if it can be made better than why not improve? Most businesses wouldn't go anywhere if they followed your method, your saying that nothing should change as long as it's performing at an average rate?

Than why do people buy new cell phones, or have AOL 9.0? Sure every now and again someone really needs it but mostly it's because there is something newer, even though your phone will do it's job and call people, and AOL 8.0 works just as fine connecting you, there continue to be versions with more features, so things don't become boring and routine, which is what I'm saying this site should consider.

And last I checked this site changed it's look and web address, it wasn't broken but it got much better.

*slaps nic mall with bigger fish*
If it ain't broke. Don't fix it.

*Slaps Director7 with a big fish*
It's more like questions than suggestions I guess. Why no avatars? It's a small part but it might spice things up? I liked having the advertisment skin, not becuase it was an ad but because it was a good color change for the site, maybe you could change (on and off) the background navy blue color? It gets boring.....Just brainstorming.....