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South Park
The Complete Third Season
Around the same time the third series of South Park was hitting TV screens, it's safe to that interest in the show was at an all time high. After two seasons building up "Cult Status", the Trey Parker/ Matt Stone machine was in full swing.

Their first mainstream live action film had just hit cinemas (the grossly underrated BASEketball) and the hugely anticipated South Park : Bigger, Longer & Uncut was primed for the silver screen.
The odd thing is, looking back on this season after the mind blowingly clever Tenth Series, it's almost odd to realise how average most of these episodes are. It's not to say they are bad - because there are some downright classics spread across this season (most notably the "Sexual Harrassment Panda"Wink.

I can recall vividly being in High School and coming to class on a Tuesday morning and discussing the show from the night before (and also complaining about how terrible the "comedy" show which followed it, Pizza, was).
Discussions about the "Meteor Shower Party" episode (in which Kyle and Stan's dads "experiment with their sexuality" in a hot tub) and how it completley crossed every single line of taste of television - and how amazing it was that a TV show would could be so insanely offensive (little did we know that in the years to come - cartoons masturbating in a spa would barely be the tip of the 'bad taste' iceberg for South Park).

Discussions about Mr. Hanky (the Christmas Poo), the brillant lampooning of Scooby Doo via "Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery" (are they Pirates who turned into ghosts, or ghosts who made the concious decsion to dress as Pirates?) or even the concept of 'The Succubus' (which, now, makes complete sense to me!).

All fantastically nostalgic memories, which for one reason or another, don't really hold up as well as perhaps The Simpsons does several years down the track. Not because it isn't funny, but moreso, it's comedic life span expires after one or two veiwings of the same episode.

Well worth collecting if you're a hardcore South Park fan, but for my money - I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on the newer series', because that's where Try and Matt really hit their stride and made the show into something unlike anything else on TV.
Pretty lacklustre - only a four or five minute commentary on each episode from Try and Matt. It's a shame to, because they really are an interesting bunch to listen to.
Even more strange is the fact there is a good dose of live-action filmed sequences & intros which were filmed for the VHS releases of these episodes. Let's hope one day they make it to the DVD.