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8th November 2006 20:41  #1

jeorge Member Join Date: May 2006 Location: United Kingdom Posts: 3
talk about it
The talk to frank website gives people advice and help to people with drug problems,here you can get all the facts you need to know and read others drug related stories and lots more.
to visit the site please go to www.talktofrank.com or phone the free helpline if you need confidential help on 0800776600
you can also use the drug mug sim that uses a photo of your face to show how you could look under the effects of Ecstasy, Cocaine, and Crystal Meth.

9th November 2006 12:57  #2

Chris Gould Editor Join Date: May 2001 Location: United Kingdom Posts: 7,171 Send a message via ICQ to Chris Gould Send a message via MSN to Chris Gould Send a message via Skype to Chris Gould
Some of our users are on all three. This isn't really the place to post this sort of thing though.