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Transformers: ROTF could be a letdown

Forums - General Chat - Transformers: ROTF could be a letdown 

26th June 2009 10:09  #1

Dumb Dealer Member Join Date: October 2008 Location: Indonesia Posts: 227
Transformers: ROTF could be a letdown
I’ve seen Transformers: ROTF in a nearby theater yesterday.

First, I want you to know that I’m not a crazed fans of Transformers. Still, I have some love for it as a part of my childhood memories and thus I love Transformers (T) since it’s a good remake/reboot/revision of the story. T has good introduction to the robot characters and the saga. Sure, for a movie about a war between two factions of robots, it has a lot of screen times for human characters, but I thought it was necessary as one of the media to introduce the member of autobots and decepticons. Also, I thought that the 2nd entry will eventually focus on the robot characters which we all love and care. Man, how wrong I was! This 2nd entry focuses on the human characters even more than I could imagine. In this movie, Bay seems to use the Autobots and Decepticons as mere cameos from the first movie.

Let me go to de tail here, Optimus only get 3 action sequences which 2 of them are too brief they’re over in seconds. There’s also 2 or 3 chit chat scenes with US army/agents and Sam. Bumblebee got even less screen time and role than in T. Megatron got more screen time, but his role is sharply reduced as only to be The Fallen’s grunt (it’s not a spoiler since it’s in the first act of the movie) and delivers some stereotypical and boring lines such as: “Starsream, you disappoint me”, “Die!”, “So weak.”, “You insects.” etc. the most talked-about female Autobots (Arcee, Chromia and Moondancer) have no role at all beside adding few blink-and-you’ll-miss-it action sequences. In addition, Arcee only delivers 2 lines in the movie, let alone the other two. Two goofy Autobots, Skids and Mudflap got a lot of screen time as the movie’s clowns. Ironhide & Sideswipe are cool but too (seconds) brief. Ratchet is doin’ nothin’ but shootin’. Fans of Starscream and Soundwave should be glad cause they play their iconic role as Megatron’s subordinates well. The Pretender got enough portion as slutty-killer-robot girl although sometimes she/it looks like one of those aliens in Species. The Constructicons/ Devastator are fantastic additions. Jetfire…well… comment. What else, oh yeah the titular bad guy, The Fallen, is quite good although he delivers some stereotypical bad-guy-boss lines: “Kill him!”, “Die like your brothers!”, “Your world will be in darkness forever!” that kinda stuff. I’m not quite familiar with the character though.

Beside almost no character development of both Autobots and Decepticons, there are other things that bother me. First, Bumblebee still lost his voice and talk through radio again without any good explanation. Next, it seems that Bonecrusher and Blackout are still alive after being slaughtered in T (please correct me if I’m wrong). Third, I wonder why, instead of using the wellknown Decepticon characters from the original series, Bay wasted his time (& money) by creating a number of unknown CG robots that rampage a few minutes of the movie’s runtime. Compare to that, I didn’t get a glimpse of Barricade which survive the first movie (please correct me again if I’m wrong). Last, although I’m not against sensuality, I didn’t pay the ticket to see Megan Fox’s body or any other human-body exploitation (you’ll see a number of it in the movie). Sometimes it feels like I’m watching another Bad Boys II with more sex appeal. But, honestly, we didn’t need that in Transformers movie.

I don’t know what made TROTF to be like this. Is it the script or the director? But I’ll say that it’s the combination between those two. It seems that Bay doesn’t have enough skill to create a decent sequel (Bad Boys II anyone?). if Dreamworks wants to make Trans 3, they’d better replace the scriptwriter and the DIRECTOR by someone like Ridley Scott, Peter Jackson, Bryan Singer, or even the big boss (Spielberg) himself. With Bay, it’s all about action, comedy and exploitation with no good story and a mountain of plot holes. I won’t talk about the story and plot holes cause you’ll read that from film-critics. Considering the story, it should’ve been entitled “Sam Witwicky: Revenge of the Nerd” than “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”

If you dislike Transformers due to its lack of robot characterization, annoying human characters, dizzying action sequences and a continent of plot holes, don’t even try to see TROTF in your nearby theaters. For you who wants to see it, here’s a little advise: keep your expectations very low and you’ll walk out home with a happy face. That’s cause I went to theater with a hope that, at least, this sequel would be as good as the first, only to find myself disappointed by the next two hours.

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