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Watch for Pop-ups & Forced Redirects

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You want some more???
Sent you some again - picked up just now - sent to the support email
That's the forced redirect problem found, I'll just have to wait maybe 12 hours before the people in the US can wake up and remove the advert.

It is astounding how much effort this lot has put into setting up a fake organisation, just so they could make cash out of some antivirus sofware.
Guys, just sent an email to the support address with a word document containing a screen dump of the popups - this happened when doing a search of the main page.
Aren't they one in the same? Wink
Hey wouldnt you be curious if you read a site on a search engine that said "Cows and Girls"? Wink
Because you enjoy inter-species erotica? Wink
Not really monkeys doing it... but one site I went on was a bestiality site... which leads to the question, why would I click on such a site?
Ahh - but did they also show you a website with Monkeys doin' it? Wink
I found out you can get backgrounds of lesbians... and its all free Wink
Gunsprout, I got the same thing - real annoying - people just have to remember when surfing don't press OK or CANCEL. The best way is to close the popup from the taskbar.

Oh and Tony, find out anything new? Wink
I got porn popups from this site before... no lie.
I had a c**ppy one when I first tried to access the site telling me that my pc was virus infected and informing me that I needed to download upgraded anti-virus software.

I'm perfectly happy with my McAfee (which the pop-up wasn't from) thank you very much!

I didn't get the details (Sorry..) as I wasn't aware that this site was having this problem and was too busy trying to get rid of the bloomin' thing....
Watch for Pop-ups & Forced Redirects
I've recently discovered something called DriveCleaner advertising on our site under the label of 'Travelocity' which has been generating aggressive pop-ups deceptively - this has been stopped.

I don't allow pop-ups on the site, so if anyone notices pop-ups or forced redirects in the future then please post the details here and I will look into it.