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What is it with the Lucky # Slevin advertisement?

Forums - General Chat - What is it with the Lucky # Slevin advertisement? 


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We banned Tom from using red in this one Wink
Butterfly Effect 2 theme is MUCH easier on the eyes, I like it. Will I check out the movie, no, but it's a nice change.
I almost rented it this past Friday, but Lego Star Wars II on the XBOX 360 won out.
I was gonna buy it the other day in a sale, but now I won't on principal! Wink
They do implant a reminder to get it I guess... Tom just ordered Lucky # Slevin and I'm just about to order it too. Wink
No amount of brainwashing would make me want to see/buy it.
Did you get Ultraviolet? Wink
Chris Gould wrote: Thank Christ that's over with.

Indeed, the red really bothered my eyes. But I will be inclined to check out the film now, what with the brainwashing Wink
Thank Christ that's over with.
I don't mind the ad too much.  I realize that running a site costs money and you have to advertising to raise the money.  However, that red is one ugly color!  At least, the ad did remind me to rent this when I get back to the US.
While the ad part of it is kinda annoying, I do like the red. Don't ask me why, but I think the red is a good look. I'm interested in seeing what other kinds of themes you guys come up with for other, yes, while they are a little annoying, they are interesting to look at.
Indeed. It doesn't affect the navigation in any way, just the appearance. Unless you want to pay our hosting fees we need to run these promotions from time to time. It's only for a limited time anyway, just like the Ultraviolet promotion we ran a while back.
I'm not a very big fan of it, but I don't see how it makes browsing the site any different.
What is it with the Lucky # Slevin advertisement?
Is there a way to disable these skin/themes? They are kinda annoying and makes the site a pain to browse through. What was wrong with the previous none intrusive ads?