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DVDActive is one of the more popular DVD news and reviews websites on the Internet. We receive millions of page views and enjoy well over half a million unique visitors every month.


Our primary audience is English-speaking, with three main groups of visitors: North American (USA and Canada), British and Australian. The majority of these viewers are aged between 18 and 34 years (74%), have broadband connections (74%), are male (94%), have bookmarked the website (83%) and visit several times per week (91%).

Three quarters of our viewers make a minimum of several DVD purchases per month, whilst almost all viewers visit the cinema/movie theatre several times per year (97%), with many buying tickets on a monthly basis (70%). The majority of viewers have a DVD collection of over 40 titles (89%), those with more than 100 titles make up nearly two thirds (63%) and over a third have more than 250 titles in their collection (36%)!

Gorilla Nation

Advertising on DVDActive

DVDActive is exclusively represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information. There are local representatives available in all our key areas: USA, Canada, UK and Australia.

Gorilla Nation can geotarget campaigns to local audiences, with advertising space offered for the top leaderboard (728x90), medium square (300x250) and side skyscraper (160x600) formats. These formats can expand, play video or float.

Sponsored Skins

To make an extra special impact, Gorilla Nation can also arrange exclusive branded skins, which often experience high click-through rates and appear on every page for the duration of the campaign. Recent examples: Tron Legacy, Bambi Diamond Edition and Prince of Persia.

Bambi Branding
Sponsored skins can alter many aspects of the website from the site logo image, feature image, background image, menus colours, header bar colours, alignment, top and bottom padding, and so on. Backgrounds can even differ depending on whether the viewer is on the homepage or ROS (rest of site), for example, the Bambi ROS, which is slightly different. Designs can be built to spec by the advertiser (a template PSD is available), or we can create custom skins in-house - provided there is enough time and material.

Tron Branding
Other previous sponsored skins cannot be shown due to changes in layouts over the years, but products advertised through this method include: The Simpsons Movie, The Matrix, HD DVD, Lucky # Slevin, Waterworld, Dirty Harry, Bonnie and Clyde, Watchmen, Blades of Glory, Resident Evil: Extinction, The Stanley Kubrick Collection etc.

For full details, contact Gorilla Nation.

Sponsored Reviews & Competitions

If you are an online retailer and wish to provide review material, or provide prizes for competitions (AKA contests), then contact DVDActive directly via the feedback form. It is important to note that DVDActive does not allowing product placement within content and does not allow external influence of editorial decisions; however, we will mention a sponsor - where appropriate - before and after a review or within a competition - which is essentially an unpaid advert.

Studios, distributors, agencies and similar entities can also arrange competitions directly, but please bear in mind that DVDActive is run by people in their spare time. We need to be able to trust third parties before we can allow them to offer prizes, if those third parties handle prize distribution, then all the better. It is worth noting that advertisers can arrange a competition as a part of an advertising campaign package through Gorilla Nation.