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Do you want to write for one of the world’s premier DVD resource websites? Then you have come to the right place! We have a number of positions available and are always on the lookout for dedicated, talented people to join the team. Be it news, features or software and hardware reviews, we could have the position for you. Here’s a run-down of the positions we’re looking to fill.

News Reporter

Given that DVDActive is a DVD/Blu-ray resource site, we like to keep our readers up to date with the latest goings on in the home entertainment scene. Whether that be summarising press releases, doing some investigative journalism, or having a day out reporting on trade shows, there's normally plenty to do. We would prefer people to know a lot about the scene in their specific region and hopefully have ties with people in the industry, or at least be prepared to build relationships. Being a reporter for our site is probably the most challenging role we have, because regular news updates are the lifeblood of the site.

Hardware Reviewer

Do you know a lot about DVD players, speakers, amps and home cinema in general? Then you could join our team as a hardware reviewer. We don’t have access to a wide array of review products, so it would be preferable for applicants to have access to such hardware. In other words, if you run or work in the industry and know every item inside and out, you are the kind of person we are looking for!

Software Reviewer

This is one of the most popular positions on the site and involves reviewing DVD and Blu-ray software, be it feature films, television series or other material. However, we must stress that we are not seeking individuals who are interested only in procuring a large amount of free review copies! Initially, becoming a software reviewer means reviewing titles from your own collection - as our working relationship develops (and trust is established) you will find a steady stream of review material heading in your direction.

Feature Writer

We especially appreciate those members of staff who take the time to write the odd article, but we are also interested in hearing from those of you who would like to contribute to this area on a more regular basis. We are looking for original, in-depth articles focusing on all aspects of DVD, Blu-ray and home entertainment in general. You don't need to have industry connections for this position (although you may find it helpful); all we ask is that you possess the ability to write creative, interesting pieces of work that will appeal to a broad range of readers.

We also aim to secure interviews with people in the industry. Whether it’s the stars, the directors, or the even the DVD/Blu-ray producers, we are looking for people to conduct interesting and informative interviews.

General Contributor

If you’re not really interested in one specific area this could be for you. All sections of DVDActive need to be updated regularly, so if you want to help out with the less glamorous features such as updating the Easter eggs or the links section, this is for you.

Our Technology

DVDActive features an intuitive admin system written by our in-house developer. This flexible system allows our contributors to easily add content (news, reviews, etc.) and as our working relationship develops you will be granted more privileges within the system.


If that little lot hasn’t put you off, this might! DVDActive is only interested in collaborating with dedicated individuals who can guarantee a certain level of commitment.

The above positions are all unpaid. DVDActive is run as a not-for-profit hobbyist site and any money that is made by way of advertising is reinvested to cover hosting and associated costs. So please, only apply if you are willing to devote a significant portion of your spare time contributing to the site without financial reward!

A reliable Internet connection is a must-have, as is the ability to communicate with other members of the team via email/IM/social media.

As a minimum we would expect our contributors to have access to a high-definition display and surround sound capabilities (preferably with the ability to handle HD audio formats). A multi-region DVD/Blu-ray player is advantageous, as is the ability to take screen captures by way of a DVD/BD-Rom drive. Applicants must be over eighteen.

Application Instructions

To apply for any of the above positions, please submit at least one thousand words in the house style. If applying for a software reviewing position please feel free to cover any title in your collection, regardless of whether it has already been reviewed on the site. Once complete send the review along with details about yourself to . We aim respond with a few working days with a ‘yes please’ or ‘no thank you’.

Any of the following file formats are suitable: txt, rtf, doc, html, sxw, odt or pdf.