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Award Details DVDActive Video Award
This award is given to discs that we think represent the pinnacle of video quality. If a title receives this award you can be sure that you’re getting one of the very best transfers available at the time of release. If you’re a videophile, this is the one to look out for.
Award Details DVDActive Audio Award
As with the Video Award, titles that earn our special Audio Award are guaranteed to provide you with the very best aural experience possible. Any disc receiving this award is sure to be music to your ears. Audio connoisseurs should watch out for this one.
Award Details DVDActive Extras Award
As with the other awards, our Extras Award is granted only to those titles that offer the highest quality of supplemental materials. So, if you like your DVD releases packed with heaps of bonus features, this is the award to look out for.
Award Details DVDActive Platinum Award
Every now and again a title arrives that excels in all three of the aforementioned categories. To that end we have created the Platinum Award, which is reserved for those select titles that you just have to own. If a title receives this award, you can guarantee that it is among the very best the format has to offer.