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easyCinema Online DVD RentalThis online DVD rental service is one of those virtual services that are run in the background by one of the big names - i.e. Video Island (AKA Screenselect) - whilst being branded by something else - Stelio's easyGroup. This doesn't mean that it is a bad thing, in fact they have a completely different method of charging for the service so it actually provides a bit of variation whilst being backed up by all the benefits of an established supplier, such as a large selection of DVDs.

If you want to rent 1, 2 or 3 DVDs at the same time, but don't want to pay for the extra that results from an unlimited tag then this service may be for you. With each level you are give a maximum number of rentals that you can use per month, so for example the cheapest package allows for four DVD rentals per month. This sort of service is that is ideally suited for light users who don't have the time to watch the film as soon as it arrives, or for those that simply want to subscribe to a low cost service.

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