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LOVEFiLMLOVEFiLM is currently pioneering the online rental service in the UK. In addition to offering the usuals options such as DVD, PS2 and UMD rental, they also offer a Download to Rent and Download to Own service. These two services allow you to immediately download the film of your choice to your PC or other compatible device in two formats, and watch them when complete.

The Download to Rent service will expire the files a week after the download completes so you have to make sure to watch them in that time period, whilst the Download to Own files will never expire and LOVEFiLM will additionally send you the original DVD in the post as a bonus.

Switching back to the traditional service for a moment, their catalogue of titles is currently 60,000 in size, they do not charge extra for postage and have a two week free trial offer.

Click here to visit LOVEFiLM.