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Netflix"I will Netflix this DVD" is one of many similar sentences repeated throughout DVDActive's comment system from our American members, and for good reason, Netflix is the oldest and largest online rental service available in the United States. It has been with us since 1998, and has built up a huge network of warehouses throughout the country to ensure DVDs are sent out as soon as possible.

At time of writing they have over 60,000 DVD titles available, as well as the latest Blu-ray and HD DVD releases to choose from. There are six packages from a rather limited one disc with a maximum of two rentals per month, up to an over the top four disc with unlimited monthly rentals option.

The usual benefits apply such as no extra postage costs, you can keep titles for as long as you want, there's a free two week trial offer and you have the opportunity to cancel at any time of the day.

Click here to visit Netflix.