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Stephen Whisenand
United States
March 2006
C**ppy azz Student!
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Watching movies, posting on dvdactive, posting on house of jigsaw, collecting dvd's and EVERYTHING ELSE!!!!!
Dont really have a favorite I do love the SAW franchise though pretty much almost every movie I see I enjoy. My DVD collection is MASSIVE I just cant get enough movies!!!!!
Horror, Comedy, Romance, Drama, Documentry, Noir, Cartoon, Anime,and Action SO PRETTY MUCH EVERYKIND!!!!!!
Anyone who is GOOD not great but GOOD! LEAIGH WHANNEL ROX THOUGH!!!
Anyone who is GOOD not great but GOOD! SHAWNEE SMITH ROX THOUGH!!!
Anyone who is GOOD not great but GOOD! JAMES WAN ROX THOUGH!!!
Well as for me I am doing just fine for your little information! If you want to know about me I really am a laidback guy, yet I do have a short fuse just ask my friends! I enjoy playing video games and watching movies and just chilling with my best buds!And I have an INSANE obsession with the horror movies HINT MY NAME!!! I really like to take problems as they come, because why worry if it is not going to happen! I like who I am and am never gonna change! And plus if the mood is right I am good at scoring.......................................... "ahem" in video games "sob" :-(!