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Matheus Ticiani
February 2011
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An Affair to Remember; Badlands; Twelve O'clock High; Sunset Blvd.; Witness; The Lady Vanishes; The Wrong Man; Die Hard; Uncle Buck and others I fail to remember now...
Drama; Comedy; Action; Thriller and pretty much all.
Alec Guiness; Al Pacino; Scott Glenn; Ed Harris; Gregory Peck; John Wayne; Steve McQueen; John Candy; Cary Grant and a lot of others...
Irene Dunne; Gloria Swanson; Bette Davis; Grace Kelly; Ingrid Bergman; Rachel McAdams; Kerri Russel; Isla Fisher; Angelina Jolie
Leo McCarey; Alfred Hitchcock; Buster Keaton; Henry Hathaway; Michael Mann; Peter Weir; John McTiernan; Mel Gibson; Terrence Malick; Todd Field; Steven Spielberg and possibly a couple of others...