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In a sort-of-DVD-related announcement, Universal Pictures and The Conservation Fund have come up with an environmental idea, which allows anyone with five dollars spare to have a tree planted in their name. In addition to this, those that donate a tree by the 22nd June, will also have their name featured in the forthcoming DVD release of Evan Almighty.

This is to celebrate the fact that Evan Almighty was the first major movie release to have zeroed out any carbon emissions, or to use The Conservation Fund's own service mark, to Go Zero℠. Donations to the "Almighty Forest" are five dollars per tree and can be purchased: individually, in a grove of fifty or a forest of one thousand. Each donation is tax deductible for those in the US, paid via credit card and can either be under the donor's name, given as a gift or dedicated in memory of a friend or family member.

The website where all this is happening can be found at: There you will find a carbon calculator (allowing visitors to calculate their yearly carbon footprint), a green news feed, environmental tips and behind-the-scenes details for the upcoming release of Evan Almighty.

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