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Not so long ago we had a name change. DVDActive was originally called DVDAnswers and it featured three separate columns dedicated to North America, the United Kingdom and everything else. As part of this name change we decided to support viewers on lower screen resolutions, however we had to make a difficult decision to drop a column in the process.

Today we would like to announce that in addition to our standard North American / World homepages, we now have British / World versions too. If you live in the United Kingdom then the website will recognise this and display the British version for you, if you live anywhere else in the World (including North America) then you should continue to see the website in the same way as before.

Just to clarify what this means. Before today everyone had North American content in the left column and World (including British) content in the right column. From today, anyone accessing the website from the United Kingdom will automatically see British content in the left column and World (including North American) content in the right column.

We recognise that many of our British viewers prefer to purchase DVDs intended for the North American market, and as such there is an option for members in the Home > Settings > Options page called "Content Priority Bias" that lets you manually select the appropriate preference. This preference may intrigue those viewers outside of the United Kingdom who have keen interest in the British market and of course, it can be used to override our system's choice should it make a mistake.

Going Local
In the long term, more local homepages may be added to support parts of the world where DVDActive is becoming increasingly popular. Feel free to give us your comments on this new feature and provide suggestions if needed. All feedback is greatly appreciated!

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