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The Weinstein Company has acquired the rights to produce a CG animated release of The Nutty Professor, with Genius Products handling distribution for this direct-to-DVD project.

The Weinsteins have enlisted the writing talent of Evan Spiliotopoulos and secured Jerry Lewis (creator, director and star of the original film) to provide his voice for the production. Lewis comments, "I am very excited about working with Harvey and Bob."

Canadian based Mainframe Entertainment will be handling the animation and production, with Gregory R. Little and Rick Mischel executive producing, "As a kid, Nutty Professor was my favorite comedy film. It's a real thrill for Mainframe to bring Jerry's comedic vision into CGI animation," said Mischel.

"It was always Jerry Lewis' vision to produce an animated version of The Nutty Professor and thanks to The Weinstein Company, Jerrys Lewis' dreams are being realised," said George Paige who has been confirmed as the producer.

This animated version is planned to be a more youthful and modern take on The Nutty Professor with a focus on Julius Kelp's grandson who takes the same formula his grandfather took and unleashes an ultra-cool but comically destructive alter-ego. When the alter-ego tries to take over, permanently, the nephew has to square off against himself to keep things from going out of control.

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