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Today we have a couple of new reviews for you to read over. The first is 'From Dusk Till Dawn SE', reviewed by Chris Gould, heres an extract from his review:

'If it wasn’t for Tarantino’s involvement, and that of the likes of Keitel, Clooney and Lewis, FDTD would have been a decidedly below average flick. As it is, with their involvement, the film has some great scenes in both the first and the second acts...'

The next review is an overlooked Hollywood film from late last year called Proof of Life. Mark McLeod has reviewed the latest Russell Crowe film that was surrounded by controversy...for all the wrong reasons. Heres an extract from his review:

'"Proof of Life" is known as the film that broke up Meg Ryan's long time marriage with actor husband Dennis Quaid. During filming it was reported that Meg fell in love with her co-star Gladiator's Russell Crowe. This controversy and negative publicity ultimately hurt the film's box office. To add insult to injury the director Taylor Hackford pushed the lions share of the blame onto Crowe and Ryan saying their blooming relationship hurt the films potential. While this may be partially true, I think the film was just released in an overcrowded marketplace...'

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