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Title: Abandoned (IMDb)
Starring: Brittany Murphy
Released: 24th August 2010
SRP: $26.97 (DVD)

Further Details:
Anchor Bay Home Entertainment has announced DVD ($26.97) and Blu-ray ($34.98) releases of Abandoned which stars Brittany Murphy, Dean Cain, Mimi Rogers, and Peter Bogdanovich. Each will be available to own from the 24th August. We have no word on any extra material for either. We've attached a trade advertisement with some early package artwork below:



Quote: ABANDONED follows Mary Walsh, a successful bank executive taking her boyfriend Kevin Peterson in to the hospital for what should be a routine surgery. Kevin has a phobia of hospitals but Mary does her best to reassure him that everything will be fine. On the way in, Mary forgets her all-important Black Berry, and must return to her car to retrieve it. But when Mary returns to the examination room, Kevin is gone. She calls his cell, but there's no answer. She checks the car, but he's not there. When the NURSE on duty looks for Kevin's files, she can't find any record of Kevin Peterson. There's no sign of him anywhere. Mary insists that the security guards watch surveillance footage from the lobby, but when they do, it shows Mary walking in alone. The guards call DR. MITCHELL, supposedly the one Kevin was supposed to see, but he has the day off. Mary's story is full of holes. Why can't anyone corroborate her story? Isn't it convenient that she doesn't have a picture of Kevin and that none of her friends have ever met him? Is she making this whole thing up? Now Mary has to not only find the missing Kevin, but also prove her own sanity. Unsatisfied with the hospital's lack of progress, she decides to take matters into her own hands. And so she sneaks into a restricted area and starts searching the records. The deeper she digs, the more suspicious everyone around her becomes. She's convinced she''s in the middle of some kind of conspiracy. Or is she just becoming more and more unhinged? Suddenly, she gets an unexpected phone call. It's Kevin! He says he's been kidnapped and he managed to break free from his captors. He tries to tell her where he is, but he''s cut short by bad reception. She tries hard not to lose the signal, but it's too late? the captors have found him. The phone is wrestled away from him. But at least now she knows? Kevin is alive!! While searching for answers Mary is assaulted and captured by a man claiming to be Kevin's captor. He demands a $10 million wire transfer ransom in exchange for Kevin's life. As she follows his instructions she learns her whole relationship with Kevin was part of a long con. With time running out Mary takes matters into her own hands to turn the tables on her two tormentors.

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