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Title: Agora (IMDb)
Starring: Rachel Weisz
Released: 19th October 2010
SRP: $27.98

Further Details:
Lionsgate Home Entertainment has announced Agora for October 19th. Retail will be around $27.98. Extras will include a Director’s Introduction to the Film, a commentary with director/co-writer Alejandro Amenábar, a “Journey to Alexandria” documentary, deleted scenes, Production Design & Costume Design storyboards, and a photo gallery. Art is attached:



Quote: When a violent religious battle erupts in the city of Alexandria, the fate of the Ancient World is left in the hands of Hypatia (Weisz).  Living in a society threatened by her life and works, she becomes the center of an epic battle that changes history forever.  Falling under her spell are two disciples competing for her heart, and ultimately someone must choose to either save themselves, their city, or the woman they love.  Led by her conviction and determination, Hypatia must arm herself to fight the biggest crusade of her life – and consequently an unforgettable legend is born.

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