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Twentieth Century Fox is re-releasing Ridley Scott's classic sci-fi horror hybrid for its 35th Anniversary. It feels like just yesterday it was being re-edited and re-released for its 25th Anniversary. While I ponder the passage of time and my pending mortality, you go ahead and read the official list of extras (note that none of them are new, aside from the Digital Copy and collectable packaging):
  • 1979 Theatrical Version and 2003 Director’s Cut
  • Audio Commentary by Director Ridley Scott, Cast and Crew
  • Audio Commentary by Ridley Scott (Theatrical Version Only)
  • Introduction by Ridley Scott (Director’s Cut Only)
  • Final Theatrical Isolated Score by Jerry Goldsmith
  • Composer’s Original Isolated Score by Jerry Goldsmith
  • Deleted and Extended Scenes
  • Digital HD Copy (UltraViolet)
  • Alien Illustrated Comic
  • Collectible Art Cards

Alien: 35th Anniversary Edition

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