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Title: Arcam DiVA AVP700 & P1000
Released: August 2005
SRP: AVP700 - £1400.00
SRP: P1000 - £1600.00

Further Details

Arcam has filled the gap between their DiVA AVR-300 receiver and their high-end FMJ components with these two new products. The first is a Pre-Amp and Processor (AVP700) and will retail for around £1400. This like the following Power Amp, this has been designed to audiophile standards however the most interesting feature is the HDMI switching. The AVP700 will take two HDMI inputs (and supports HDCP) and switch them into one output - very useful if your new screen only has one HDMI input. Here is a small list of some of the available features:

  • 2-way HDMI switching
  • HDTV compatible component / RGB switching
  • composite and S upconversion to component or RGB
  • balanced audio outputs
  • 2nd zone output with audio and video
  • 2-way RS232 control port
  • RDS FM tuner on board
  • Learning remote included
  • Black or Silver available

Since the above is a pre-amp and processor it will require a power amplifier to be of any use, and Arcam have announced the P1000 to match the AVP700 and provide what they say is a "truly spectacular £3000.00 multichannel sound system that will outperform similarly priced competition" - a bold statement.

  • Audiophile sound quality for movies and 7-channel x 135 watts rms power amp
  • Full bandwidth 20Hz to 20kHz low distortion power
  • Massive torodial transformer based power supply
  • Balanced and unbalanced inputs
  • Black or Silver available

Arcam DiVA AVP700 & P1000

Arcam DiVA AVP700 & P1000

Arcam DiVA AVP700 & P1000

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