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Title: Arrested Development Season Four
Released: 16th December 2014
Further Details:
Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment has announced the DVD release of the fourth season of

Arrested Development


The extras will include:
  • The History of Arrested Development
  • Being Back on Arrested
  • Working with Two Directors
  • The Writing and the Scripts
  • Working with Mitch
  • Buster Smoking
  • Production Design – Get an iside look at how the sets were recreated for Season Four
  • Script Department – One-on-one interview with the script supervisor on how all the stories came together
  • Fantastic 4 – A behind-the-scenes look at Tobias’ one of a kind “stage production”
  • In Character:
    • Tobias Funke
    • Barry Zuckerhorn
    • Herbert Love
    • Rebel Alley
    • Buster Bluth
    • George Sr. / Oscar
    • Michael Bluth

Here's the cover art, which was selected by series creator Mitch Hurwitz personally selected from a fan contest:

Arrested Development Season 4

Quote: Welcome to Season Four of the Emmy-winning series about the ethically questionable but unquestionably hilarious Bluth family. This season, when Michael asks Gob to help fill the vacant Sudden Valley housing development, the isolated location becomes a selling point to sex offenders, including…Tobias? After Buster’s testimony helps land Lucille in “prison,” her solution to hostile inmates is to build a great wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, where Oscar and George Sr. have a scam going. Lindsay seeks spirituality, Maeby likes high school too much and George-Michael has a very unlikely rival in “Arrested Development’s” funniest season yet!

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