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Title: Attack On Darfur (IMDb)
Starring: Billy Zane
Released: 26th October 2010
SRP: $29.99

Further Details:
Phase 4 Films has announced Attack On Darfur which stars Billy Zane, Edward Furlong and Kristanna Loken. The Uwe Boll directed film will be available to own from October 26th, and should retail at around $29.99. Extra material will include an audio commentary with director Uwe Boll, and the theatrical trailer. We've attached the official package artwork below:

Attack On Darfur


Quote: Attack On Darfur, which stars Billy Zane, Edward Furlong and Kristanna Loken, is the story of a group of Western journalists in Sudan who visit a small village to gather footage and interviews in hopes of reporting on the atrocities they have seen. When they hear that the Janjaweed are heading towards the village, they are confronted with the dilemma of whether to run for safety or to stay behind and attempt to avert the village’s slaughter.

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