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Title: Avengers Assemble Censored in the UK (IMDb)
Starring: Robert Downey Jr.
Released: 17th September 2012
SRP: £22.99

Further Details:
Early reports indicated - and I can now confirm - that the UK release of Avengers Assemble has been censored. For reasons best known to themselves, Disney has digitally removed the sight of Loki's sceptre protruding from the chest of Agent Coulson after he is stabbed, as seen below.

Avengers Assemble Censored in the UK
In the edited scene the sceptre has been digitally removed, like so. Curiously, the next shot sees Coulson head on with a blood soaked stain on the front of his shirt.

Avengers Assemble Censored in the UK
The BBFC passed the film uncut at '12A' in the UK and as the home rating of '12' is essentially the same thing absolutely no change would have been required for the Blu-ray and DVD release. This puzzling turn of events has been made even more so by Disney's insistence that the UK release of the film never included a visible shot of the sceptre, in spite of many people claiming to have seen it at their local cinemas.

When coupled with the omission of some of the extras from the US release (including a Joss Whedon commentary track), the recent use of DTS-HD High Resolution instead of Master Audio on John Carter, and numerous titles receiving inferior releases in the UK (the US release of The Incredibles was four discs, the UK got one with fewer extras than the old DVD), one could easily be forgiven for thinking that Disney has something against the UK market.

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