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Title: Bad Lieutenant (IMDb)
Starring: Harvey Keitel
Released: 28th July 2009
SRP: $19.98

Further Details:
Lionsgate Home Entertainment has announced a new special edition of Bad Lieutenant which stars Harvey Keitel, Victor Argo, Paul Calderone, and Leonard Thomas. The disc will be available to own from the 28th July, and should retail at around $19.98. Extras will include a filmmaker commentary, and a retrospective documentary. We've attached the official package artwork below:

Bad Lieutenant


Quote: He has survived on the streets for twenty years. He's a gambler...a thief...a junkie...a killer and a cop. Now's he's investigating the most shocking case of his life, and as he moves closer to the truth his self-destructive past is closing in. Harvey Keitel gives a searing performance as an out-of-control police detective on a collision course with disaster in director Abel Ferrara's brilliant and deeply disturbing crime drama.

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