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Title: Big: 25th Anniversary Edition
Starring: Tom Hanks
Released: 10th December 2013
Further Details:
Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment is re-releasing Penny Marshall's


for it's 25th anniversary on Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack.

Special features will include:
  • Big

    Extended Cut
  • Big

    Brainstorming 'Audio Documentary' by Writers/Co-Producers Gary Ross and Anne Spielberg
  • Deleted Scenes, Including 5 with Intros by Director Penny Marshall
  • Big Beginnings
  • Chemistry of a Classic
  • The Work of Play
  • Hollywood Backstories:


  • Carnival Party Newswrap

Big: 25th Anniversary Edition

Quote: Tired of being a kid, Josh Baskin wishes he was big. When he wakes up the next day, he’s an adult! Now, Josh must hold down a job – and please a new boss (Robert Loggia). Tougher still, he must convince his best friend that he’s still himself, and explain to a beautiful woman (Elizabeth Perkins) who falls for him, that he’s not. Soon, Josh just wants to be a kid again, but can he?

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