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Title: Big Fat Liar
Starring: Frankie Muniz
Released: February 3rd 2003
Price: £19.99

Further Details

Jason Shepherd is an average 14-year-old with one slight difference: he just can’t help lying! After his parents and teacher catch him trying to cover up yet another misadventure, they issue an ultimatum: come up with an overdue piece of English homework or be prepared to attend summer school.

Jason feverishly writes a story called Big Fat Liar, but while racing to hand in the story, his bike slams into the limousine of Hollywood producer Marty Wolf. The story literally falls into Wolf’s lap, who decides to steal it and turn it into his latest production. When Jason turns up at school empty handed no one believes he is telling the truth. Jason has no way to prove his innocence, until a few months later he sees a preview of Wolf’s latest movie – Big Fat Liar. He decides to head across to Los Angeles with one goal in mind … get Marty Wolf to admit that he is the liar … with hilarious consequences!

We have no details concerning the video and audio aspects of this release, but you can expect to find it in shops from 3rd February and the retail price should be £19.99. Big Fat Liar was a reasonable success when release, so it is good to see Universal releasing an extras packed disc. Here is a list of the extras you can expect:

- Animated menu screens featuring Amanda Bynes
- Feature commentaries with director Shawn Levy, actor Frankie Muniz & writer Dan Schneider
- 15 minutes of deleted scenes
- Take a rare look behind-the-scenes on the making of Big Fat Liar
- Interactive map of the backlot featuring clips from the film
- Trivia Challenge:  Original set-top game created exclusively for the DVD
- Are You A Big Fat Liar?: Original truthful set-top game created exclusively for the DVD
- Spotlight on Location: The Making of BIG FAT LIAR

Big Fat Liar

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