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Title: Boardwalk Empire: Season Four
Starring: Steve Buscemi
Released: 19th August 2014
SRP: $79.98, $59.99

Further Details:
HBO and Warner Bros. will be releasing the fourth season of

Boardwalk Empire

on Blu-ray Combo Pack (Blu-ray & UltraViolet digital HD copies of every episode) and DVD this August. The extras are set to include a featurette on fan-favorite character Richard Harrow and a behind-the-scenes look at the massive new set for The Onyx Club, as well as Blu-ray exclusive content, like Q+As with cast and crew and an updated version of Boardwalk Chronicle, featuring historical facts, info on key locations and more.

Boardwalk Empire: Season Four

Boardwalk Empire: Season Four

Quote: Atlantic City, February 1924: Picking up 8 months after the events of Season 3, Nucky Thompson is laying low at the end of the Boardwalk after barely surviving an overthrow by gangster Gyp Rossetti. But the calm will be short-lived, as Nucky faces new challenges, including a clash with a violent Harlem power-broker, a battle with his brother Eli over Eli’s college-age son, and the irresistible lure of lucrative – and perilous – opportunities in Florida.

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