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Title: City of God (IMDb)
Starring: Alexandre Rodrigues, Leandro Firmino da Hora, Jonathan Haagensen, Phellipe Haagensen
Released: 13th December 2011
SRP: 19.99

Further Details:
Lionsgate has announced a December 13th Blu-ray release of

City of God

. The only special feature listed so far is a documentary titled News From a Personal War.

City of God


Quote: Nominated for four Academy Awards® (2003) -- Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Cinematography and Best Film Editing -- and more than 50 other awards internationally, City of God is one of TIME Magazine’s “100 Greatest Movies of All-Time” and number 18 on’s “Top 250.”  Directed by Fernando Mereilles and adapted from the novel by Paulo Lins (Orfeu), the story follows two young boys who grow up in a violent neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, each of whom takes a different path in life.

Spanning more than 20 years in Brazil, two boys grow up in the same violent neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro.  Li’l Zé (Leandro Firmino, Cheating in Chains) owns the city and instills fear and violence in the community without mercy.  Rocket (Alexandre Rodrigues, Forbidden to Forbid) only wants to pursue his passion for photography.  But gang violence continues to rage in the City of God and the friends slowly get lost in themselves and their city.

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