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Title: Cradle 2 The Grave
Starring: Jet Li
Released: 12th August 2003
SRP: $27.95

Further Details

Warner Home Video have announced the release of Cradle 2 The Grave starring Jet Li and DMX. Here's a little about the film: Armed with a potent combination of charisma, street smarts and martial arts expertise, Tony Fait (DMX) navigates the menace of the urban landscape with passionate precision, taking care of business and his fiercely loyal crew of professionals (Anderson, Union and Drag-On) with a dedication surpassed only by his love for his young daughter Vanessa (Hurd). After pulling off a complex heist involving a cache of black diamonds, Fait quickly comes fist-to-fist with Su (Li), a Taiwanese government agent who has pursued the extraordinary stones halfway across the world. You will be able to own Cradle 2 The Grave from the 12th August for around $27.95. The disc will include:

- 2.35:1 Anamorphic Widescreen Transfer
- Dolby Digital 5.1 Track
- Ultimate Fighting Championships Featurette
- Choreography of the Camera Featurette
- The Descender Rig Featurette
- Music Video
- Trailer

Cradle 2 The Grave

Cradle 2 The Grave

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