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Crocodile Dundee.......... Universal Pictures Video has announced a release for Crocodile Dundee In Los Angeles which heralds the return of the much loved adventurer. Here's a brief look at the storyline:

'Having survived the dangers of New York City and settled back into life as a crocodile wrangler in Walkabout Creek, the amiable Mick is now enjoying an easy life with partner Sue (Linda Kozlowski) and their nine year old son Mikey. But, when Sue suddenly gets temporarily asssigned to the L.A. office of her farther's newspaper replacing the original Bureau Chief who has died under suspicious circumstances, Mick and family and propelled into the fast lane of Los Angeles...'

The only technical aspect I can determine from the PR I have been sent is that the disc will carry a Dolby Surround track. No other details on extras etc are included. You can expect Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles to hit the shops on the 22nd April. You will also be able to rent the disc from the 25th March.

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