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Title: Cult Sci-Fi Legends
Starring: Various
Released: 5th June 2006
SRP: £9.99

Further Details:
Metrodome Distribution has announced the release of Cult Sci-Fi Legends for the 5th of June, priced at around £9.99. The set will feature episodes from such animated shows as Transformers: Generation One, Transformers: Victory, Visionaries, Inhumanoids, Shadow Raiders and Bucky O'Hare. This amounts to over three hours of animated goodness in one set. Here's the episode listing, along with the artwork.


  • The Age of Magic
  • Dark Hand of Treachery


  • The Surma Plan

Shadow Raiders

  • Behold the Beast

Bucky O'Hare

  • The Artificers of Alderbaran

Transformers Victory

  • Star Saber, Head of the Universe
  • Multiforce, Combine!

Transformers: Generation One

  • More Than Meets The Eye: Day One

Cult Sci-Fi Legends

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