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Title: Curtains
Starring: Samantha Eggar
Released: 29th July 2014
SRP: $24.95, $19.95

Further Details:
Long available via only 'budget' DVDs with recycled VHS-quality transfers, Richard Ciupka's classy Canadian slasher


is finally getting a proper digital video release via Synapse films this July. Remastered in 2k from 'original vault materials that were virtually untouched for over 30 years,'


will be available on Blu-ray and DVD.

Both releases will feature:
  • 5.1 Surround Remix Specifically Created for This Release
  • The Ultimate Nightmare: The Making of Curtains – An all-New retrospective featuring interviews with Director Richard Ciupka, Stars Lesleh Donaldson & Lynne Griffin, Editor Michael MacLaverty, Special Make-Up Effects Creator Greg Cannom, and Composer Paul Zaza
  • Audio Commentary with Stars Lesleh Donaldson & Lynne Griffin
  • Audio Interview with Producer Peter R. Simpson
  • Audio Interview with Star Samantha Eggar
  • Theatrical Trailer


: The release date has changed to July 29th. The company offered the following explanation on their Facebook page the other day:
Quote: Hey hey, Don from Synapse here with a note about CURTAINS to Synapse fans... There are two things about CURTAINS that may make it late by a couple weeks (don't worry... both are GOOD reasons).

First, the film stock was incredibly grainy and, when we got our first encodes back, honestly, I thought they could be better. The encoder wasn't handling the grain structure well and it was softening the grain enough for me to take a couple more cracks at the compression. It looked really good for the most part, but when paused, I was seeing breakup in the grain that I wasn't too fond of. Right now, I am awaiting delivery of our third pass at the encode and I hope to have it Thursday. I could've released it as is, and probably no one would've noticed, but for me, it's important to do it right, and I felt concentrating more on encode settings for as close to perfection as we could is the best thing to do. I mean, we ARE going from a 2K file 2TB in size, and trying to release a 50GB Blu, so there is ALWAYS going to be compression issues... It's unavoidable...The 2nd thing is that, right after we'd encoded, got our bit budget and finished everything, we got the opportunity to add an additional supplement. On the Blu (sorry DVD lovers... space limitations on a DVD-9 was already squeezed pretty tight) there will be a small vintage documentary on director Richard Ciupka for the Blu that actually HAS BEHIND-THE SCENES FOOTAGE(!!!) from the set of CURTAINS. This didn't come to our attention until late in the game, but Michael Felsher of Red Shirt Pictures really pushed for us to include it, and we will.

Big thanks to the filmmakers for allowing access to it. The delay in getting the encode done much better, and adding the featurette for the Blu is, in our opinion, well worth the wait. I just wanted CURTAINS to be the ultimate presentation, so I hope you'll all be patient for an extra couple weeks. We're still shooting for a July release date (probably Tuesday July 22nd [now the 29th], but I need to have a meeting with our distributor first).


Quote: A group of women gather for a weekend casting call at the secluded mansion of director Jonathan Stryker (Vernon). He’s searching for the perfect woman to play the role of the crazed character “Audra”, and these women are just dying for the chance to play her! Stryker’s last star, Samantha Sherwood (Eggar), is so determined to get the part, she committed herself to an asylum to prepare for the role. Unfortunately for all, a crazed killer in a disgusting “hag” mask is viciously murdering everyone one by one. Who will survive the final curtain call?

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