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Title: Day of the Dead: Special Edition
Starring: Terry Alexander
Released: 19th August 2003
SRP: $29.98

Further Details

Those horror gods at Anchor Bay are once again out to prove they earn their title. George Romero's Day of the Dead is the third part in the classic zombie trilogy. Loaded with special features, this disc will be the definitive presentation of this horror fan favorite. From the recent flyer announcing its coming we have the following specs:

- 16x9 Widescreen Presentation
- Dolby EX and DTS-ES Soundtracks
- Audio commentary with filmmaker Roger Avary
- Interviews with George Romero, Tom Savini, Joe Pilato, Lori Cardille, Greg Nicotero, and others
- Production Notes featuring behind-the-scenes trivia and information
- Never-Before-Seen production video footage from Tom Savini
- Six galleries of behind-the-scenes photos, artwork, promotional materials, etc.
- Audio interview with the late Richard Liberty (Dr. Logan)
- Theatrical trailers
- Original screenplay, production memos, talent bios, and more!

Day of the Dead: SE

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