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Title: Denon AVR-1804
SRP: £399.99

Further Details

At a competitive price, the AVR-1804 features SHARC 32 bit DSP digital decoding, six matched 125 watt amplifiers with high current output devices and a hefty new power supply. The 1804 combines great value, almost every feature known to cinematic man and tremendous performance on both movies and music.

- Six Discrete Power Amps delivering 6 x 125 watt rms (6 ohms, 1 kHz, 0.7 % THD)
- Hefty power transformer and matching capacitors deliver strong dynamics
- High-power custom transistors ensure consistent signal stability
- Over 45 analogue, digital, video & audio inputs & outputs
- 6-Channel Wideband Inputs for DVD-Audio or SACD (10 Hz - 100 kHz; +0dB -3dB)
- 2 PRE OUT terminals for the Surround Back, allow 7.1-channel upgrades
- Multi Zone Output can deliver different sources to more than one room

- Analog Devices SHARC Melody 32, 32-bit DSP processor gives outstanding format decoding
- High performance 96 kHz 24-bit Audio DACS on all channels
- DTS-ES Discrete 6.1. DTS-ES Matrix 6.1. DTS-ES NEO:6. Dolby Digital with EX. Dolby ProLogic II
- Adjustable Subwoofer crossover switching at four frequencies: (80/100/120/150Hz)
- Wideband Component Video terminals & video switching, up to 2 sources
- S-Video Upsampling
- All-channel Level Control
- 4 assignable digital inputs (3 Optical, 1 Coaxial)
- Personal Memory Plus memorises surround settings for each source for automatic recall
- High quality radio with RDS & RadioText, 40-station AM/FM Random Preset Memory Tuning
- Comprehensive On-Screen Displays  
- Remote I/O Ports
- Glow-Key pre-programmed remote features codes from other manufacturers
- Glow in the dark main function keys
- Dimensions: 434mm w x 171mm h x 417mm d

Denon AVR-1804 receiver

The power supply is the heart of any amplifier which is why Denon have substantially upgraded the one on the 1804 Power Transformer for High Power Drive The chassis that supports the large transformer has been designed to absorb vibration, and the transformer is housed inside a highly rigid frame to secure it solidly to the chassis. Cushioning has been placed around the core of the transformer to minimize interference with the signal. This low-noise design comes from Denon's
high-end models.

Twin Drive Rectifier uses two rectifying diodes in parallel to bring out the maximum potential of the
large transformer. The rectifiers power the large block capacitors at low impedance, and are able to supply ample current to reproduce deep bass as well as sudden bursts of sound from percussion or effects.

The 1804 uses large heat sinks made of extruded aluminium. They have been placed in a design that ensures uniform temperatures throughout the heatsink so that the output transistors for all channels can be driven under uniform conditions. This in turn ensures that all channels respond with equal performance

Denon AVR-1804 receiver

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