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Title: Denon DVD-A1XV
Released: March 2005
SRP: £2499.99

Further Details

Denon have announced the release of the DVD-A1XV - a behemoth of a DVD player which professes to provide HD quality from normal DVD course material. Apparently this is due to the "with $60,000 worth of 'HQV by Teranex', the latest DVDO scaling, advanced technological architecture and battleship audiophile construction" used in the player. Here are a few specs:

- Unique to Denon - Pixel Image Correction (DPIC) for custom picture enhancement
- Unique to Denon - Advanced AL24 and Denon Link for stunning sound from all sources
- World First - Hollywood Quality Video HQV - from Silicon Optix (from the $60k Teranex box)
- World First - DVDO 10 bit Precision Video Scaling technology by Anchor Bay Technologies
- Plays virtually ANY DISC - DVD, DVD-A, SACD, MP3, WMA, JPEG, PHOTO CD, DVD / CD -R +R etc
- EVERY OUTPUT - HDMI, DVI, FireWire, Denon Link, Prog. Comp., Composite, S-Video, RGB SCART

Not entirely sure what the composite output is for but at least it makes for completeness! Oh, and it weights over 18 kg! Check out the picture:

Denon DVD-A1XV

Denon DVD-A1XV

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