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Title: Denon Smart Life S-101
Released: September 2005
SRP: £849.99 (approx)

Further Details

Denon have announced the new Smart Life S-101 system which delivers high quality audio and visuals from one box. The system is supplied with two main speakers and a subwoofer and uses Dolby Virtual Speaker to simulate the presence of a 5.1 system. The idea seems to be to offer as much as possible, without scaring the consumer with excess wires and boxes. The follow up to this system is the S-301 (to be announced) which adds support for HDMI, SACD, DVD-Audio and even has USB inputs. The USB interface with USB host controller can take digital signal from, and control most Rio players and many other MP3 players that implement the USB Host Control Protocol. It will also be possible to plug USB memory sticks in and play directly - more news on the S-301 as it is released. The Smart Life series is a global product and will be available across the pond as well as in Europe.

  • Plug and play - ultra simple setup
  • Touch sensitive controls
  • Dual face remote control - one for day to day use and one for set up
  • In-built electronic help system
  • Progressive scan DVD player
  • Digital connection to iPod by passing the analogue headphone connection
  • Control iPod from Denon remote control
  • Analogue connection for other MP3 players
  • AM/FM radio with RDS
  • MP3 and WMA CDR playback

Denon Smart Life S-101

Denon Smart Life S-101

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